Aura energetics


My concept of AURA-ENERGETICS, developed over 35 years, enables me to comprehend crisis-ridden difficulties holistically in devotion to all levels of being from the ground up and to bring them into a lasting solution.
The two foundations of my work are my spiritual AURA-view and my fine-tuned understanding of ENERGETICS. This empowers me to implement what I perceive spiritually in the psycho-physical sphere of life and to achieve immediate, noticeable relief.
I live and teach successfully, the credo:
never to be a "victim" of external circumstances anymore, but to live as a "Goldmarie "trustfully and self-responsibly the "self(p)onneous destiny" and to implement it every day anew with gratitude.

1 ½ to 2 hours of deep work on the soul - from my aura view - to uncover and sustainably delete secret sabotage plans.

Process-oriented seminars

To release blockages in a protected group atmosphere - in your own experience - to generate new strength & clarity.

Annual course on "Coping with Critical Life Situations

- such as: illnesses, relationship as well as school problems, professional and financial bottlenecks, and ultimately the global crisis.

Book and cards - "Fairy tale cosmic mirror of life".

Guidebook in critical life situations - or for daily use, as well as "textbook" for symbol interpretation as a working aid for therapists as well as a supplementary tool for the annual course.


It's been a long time since I arrived at Christa's "Intensive Seminar" with a nerve pain that had been tormenting me for over 2 years. For me it is still a miracle that a single Releasing with her made the suffering disappear permanently until today!
Alicia Kreiner
Christa is a luminary in her field. She reads in the aura like in an open book ... nothing remains hidden from her. It is only through her knowhow that I understand why the world is the way it is and why everything that has happened in my life makes sense. She has enriched my life and transformed me into a new person as a result. Absolutely recommendable
Melanie Lichtenwallner
I have already been able to experience many seminars and individual work with Christa, which have led me step by step into an ever clearer view of myself and my world. What all seminars have in common is that they shake, uncover, solve and make me aware of what was previously hidden in me - inhibiting aspects and also potentials. Each seminar is an enrichment, a gain.
Christof Geher
Christa's ever-present, loving and humorous manner makes every seminar an experience. My zest for life has increased enormously through the work at Brugger.
Sonja Kapeller
Thanks to the work with Christa, it is possible for me to feel a joy and lightness of life that I could not imagine before. Christa lovingly supports me in becoming aware of my own truth and in implementing it in my life. Through her I learned to trust in life.
Eva Maria Pirker
With dear Christa you learn to look behind the curtain. Fairy tales that show our archetypal patterns and programs serve as an introduction. Much we know from the family constellation, how our ancestors can participate in our lives. To that end, her clairvoyant gift is a great blessing to all. In addition, Christa has developed tools to pass on these abilities as well. With her life experience and wisdom to impart beautifully, she is a blessing to all participants. Thank you for everything. With love
Gerald Böck


Ready for the existential step of taking your life into your own hands? Ready to take self-responsibility for all events in your life in spiritual awareness? Ready to recognize unconsciously accumulated emotional-mental burdens and release them for transformation? Then AURA-ENERGETICS offers you a lot of highly effective instruments and real support to turn your life spiral inwards!