Aura energetics

Aura-Energetics in its all-encompassing - namely body-energy-emotion- and consciousness-oriented approach - enables me to overcome even serious limitations of life potential in a sustainable way. Bound, frozen energy in the body as well as in the energy field comes back into flow. Through emotional liberation, often for the first time, new visions of life can be created and realized in life.

The practical implementation of my AURA-ENERGETIK work is based on three pillars:

- In "AURA-READING" I get to the bottom of a current "sabotage program" in profound individual work and transform the life force bound in it. See "Aura Reading
- In the "PROCESSORIENTED SEMINAR" I lead the participants to their so far unconsciously pent-up emotions and sabotaging thought patterns in order to release their blocking spell forever! In addition, I use my proven spiritual tools to let each person in the group experience the wonderful access to their, all-loving, wise heart-core. See "Process-oriented seminars
-In the "YEAR-LONG COURSE for coping with critical life situations" I use and teach as a basis the proven tools of my spiritual-emotional and physical work. In 6 advanced modules, participants of all ages learn and experience directly how to pull themselves out of all kinds of quagmires with newly generated inner strength. See "YEAR-LEARNING for coping with critical life situations".


YES, the ability is innate to us with the "third eye". But as it is with innate talents, they need to be activated and practiced. In addition, as for every striving in this world, the will of the heart and trust are prerequisites. 

Freely according to the motto "use it, or lose it".

YES, because the "spiritual position" of the reader is raised to "light body level". I mean the heart level of neutrality in love and wisdom.


YES, because the "third eye" is normally deactivated and is consciously activated when needed!

But if it spontaneously "jumps up" and sends information, then these are always primarily messages for you.

Confidence increases steadily with practice of the "neutral reading position" (see Answer 2) as it is already taught and practiced in the basic course.

This fear disappears immediately when you experience how the others in the group reveal their issues trustingly and without reserve. Then you can realize how much your own problem becomes a precious complement for the others and vice versa.

Individual sessions/ aura readings

The aura is the subtle, highly dynamic energy field that permeates us, outshines us and constitutes our entire being. Many years of experience and also my meanwhile finely tuned "higher senses" allow me to quickly and precisely perceive hidden saboteurs, express them and thus immediately dissolve them. Bound, frozen life force as well as suppressed life energy is immediately and noticeably released and potential expansion takes place.
This spontaneously brings new clarity, well-being and joy into life.
Often an aura reading brings a "spontaneous healing", which means that a physical symptom that may have been tormenting for a long time can disappear immediately.
In addition, I am allowed to clarify systemic causes in spiritual deep work and thus to cancel their fatal-banishing-effect for good in a healing way.
And sometimes there are even WONDERFUL phenomena, such as the healing of "dead relationships" or unexpected "outburst of wealth".
Moreover, Readings offer prompt answers to individual questions and immediately effective support for calls for help on current life issues, such as:

  • Relationship and partnership
  • Profession, lack of money and not yet lived talents
  • Psychological upsets, burnout
  • Body symptoms
  • . . .                                  

Duration: ca.1 ½ hours
Cost € 165.-

Process-oriented seminars

What we solve inside, that spares us painful experiences from the outside!

The focus of the process-oriented seminar work is the release of emotional and mental burdens, such as (mostly unconsciously) suppressed emotions. They are, as well as old burdens of offending convictions, tormenting energy robbers, which can cause unimagined mental and physical damage.
In a protected, non-judgmental group atmosphere, I guide those "willing to change" into these emotional and spiritual liberation processes. First each participating person comes over the drawing of its current fairy tale map as well as possibly brought along dreams spiritually to the actually burning
"clearing up topic" and gets it strongly stirred up. Only then the way is prepared to feel deep emotions, to express these (often loudly) (Releasing) and sometimes also physically (so as "intensive Releasing") to act out. In this way it is possible to experience the wisdom of the body live.
This brings unrestrained joy of life to flow again and frozen passion to a fiery blaze. Carried and inspired by spiritual power, I am able to erase systemic victim programs forever on the level of the heart. In directly experienced reconnection to the true
self, the path to success and fortunate wealth is prepared step by step.

This effect is further enhanced by the enchanting ambience of the KAIROS house with its niche-rich garden, exquisite catering and group fellowship into the night. See "Seminar House KAIROS"
The individual seminars offered have different thematic focuses, which are reflected in the title. Likewise, duration and costs vary. See calendar


In response to many requests and multiple requests, I have decided to adapt my teaching program to the needs of the current - collective! - crisis. This means postponing the "Academy" to a later date.
Thus I call for the calendar year 2023 the "annual course for the mastering of critical life situations" into being and am pleased to be able to satisfy your needs in this connection.
The whole course includes (3 days each) a basic seminar and further 6 - in the following freely selectable - advanced seminars.
The core goal of your participation is to emerge strengthened, enriched and spiritually clear for yourself and others from any life situation, no matter how threatening. For this purpose, you will learn to intuitively perceive and sustainably transform the fatefully acting causal forces that are responsible for the misery. This holistic understanding makes it possible to competently solve every drama with the learned "Auraenergetics-Tools" either completely right away - or step by step. In this way you can subsequently make new, invigorating, fruitful experiences in the "inner distance". In the steadily growing trust in the more and more consolidated inner strength and accuracy of your "higher perception" you experience increasingly empowering independence from external events. And this brings you closer and closer to your visionary goal in life.

Course contents

In the BASIC SEMINAR, the basic techniques of the 4 pillars of spiritual seeing and working are taught:
In Reading, one learns to perceive the subtle image of the current being in one's own aura or in the aura of another through visual models.
Releasing is highly effective in "hearing" and thus "releasing" the unconsciously blocked thought forms and suppressed emotions.
In Focussing, magical powers are activated most effectively. These are used for spiritual work in 2 directions: on the one hand for oneself inside to generate new life energy and on the other hand for new manifestation outside.
In my kind of chanelling one learns in connection with the universal quantum field to achieve that the master energies vibrating there for us spiritually take visible form and so communicate with us.

In the UPGRADE MINARS A1 to A6, the basic skills acquired are expanded on a topic-specific basis using special "reading techniques". These are used in each case in a simply practicable and exclusively solution-oriented manner.

Topic content:


  • become a generator of your own life energy
  • Raise unused potentials
  • Clarify current weak points
  • "Activate "Lie Detector



  • dissolve secret fear barriers of "ability to succeed
  • professional-material: create new awareness of wealth
  • relationally: allow highest love fulfillment and manifest it in real terms
  • recognize the actual "vocation



  • Detect secret "health saboteurs" in time
  • Scan weak points and lead them into (self-) healing
  • communicate directly with body organs
  • (re)awaken the genius of our "animal nature


  • Release secretly working "soul spell" from the ancestral world
  • material loss tendencies, just as 
  • Canceling Destructive Tendencies in Love and Turning "Happiness Inward
  • a kind of "inner family constellation


  • Lifting treasures from the dream world
  • transform dangerous power from nightmares
  • bring further impulses from dreams into realization
  • open the magic gate to the "visions


  • A6 about the "ultimate connection" with the body on the cellular level in the innermost -
    "most sacred" switching center reprogram disease-making like a flipping of the
    "life switch" in the direction:
  •  lasting health
  • Rejuvenation
  • Renewal and restoration of damaged
  • Life extension via targeted influence on the lifespan-determining telomeres

Duration of the individual seminars: 3 days (mostly on weekends, Friday, 3 p.m. to Sunday, 3 p.m.)
Cost: € 390.-

Feedback from school children who have attended the teaching programs run so far visited

Christa is one of the most impressive and great people I have had the privilege to meet in my life. I had the gift of being able to participate in her workshops as a child at the age of 9. The knowledge and skills that I was able to integrate into my life through her and her work still carry me today and enrich every single day of my life. Meanwhile I am 26 years old and I can remember countless moments when I used Christa's tools and techniques. What I especially appreciate is the mastery over my own emotions that I was allowed to learn through Christa. She taught me to love everything that is inside me and not to let my emotions rule me. On the contrary. She showed me how to be the one who is in control of my emotions in any situation. I cannot put into words the value for this knowledge - after all, it is always the emotions that decide how we live our lives and what decisions we make. I can hardly find words for how grateful I am for the knowledge I have in my life through Christa. In my perception, Christa's work is priceless. Not only because she has enriched my life in the most versatile ways, but also because she has given me the opportunity to support others with her tools as well. And in addition to that, in the many years I have known her, I have seen countless people who have also lifted their lives to a whole new level through Christa's work. If I had one wish, I would give I would wish every child in this world exactly the same gifts that I have in my life through Christa!
Saskia Mila Falmbigl
Artist painting
For me as a single mother, the training offer for "young people from 8 - 99 years" was particularly appealing. I really wanted to do the training and so I could simply take my children with me. At the beginning, I didn't realize that they would actually benefit so much from it. Suddenly, fairy tales were not just stories for them, but they understood the symbolic language behind them and recognized the fairy tale dynamics in life situations. So they could react confidently and were no longer victims but empowered individuals who had completely new views and solution strategies at their disposal and made them known. (I often get astonished feedback from teachers and adults) We pointed out to each other when certain dynamics wanted to take their course in everyday life and we could stop them with our knowledge and the experiences we had made in the seminar and laugh about them together. (Just think of the fairy tale Bluebeard). All the tools we learned, the children use independently! Often they just tell me in a side sentence "that's when I built the magic lamp, looked at the glass rose...." Since then we always have our energetic toolbox with us and we are deeply touched and grateful to know and experience Christa Brugger!!!
Bettina Brencic
Evolutionary didactic trainer instructor
I have gained the courage to stay with myself and detach from toxic friends through the work with Dr. Christa Brugger. The meditation techniques I learned support me in maintaining concentration in everyday school life. I master presentations as well as tests more relaxed and successfully. During school breaks, I like to interpret the dreams of my classmates, who are excited to gain new insights.
Valentina Ovsenjak