Aura energetics

Christa Brugger

  • Doctor of Sports Physiology
  • Aurasight Medium
  • Spiritual teacher and author
  • Founder of the Institute for AURAENERGETICS
  • Philosophical-therapeutic advanced training among others with:

Bert Hellinger (BRD, systemic script analysis)

Günther Feyler (FRG, dream interpretation)

Peter Geissler (Vienna, Bioenergetics)

Raphael Vishanu (USA,Intuition Development)
Isa & Yolanda Lindwall (USA, Releasing)

Cris Griscom (USA, Lightinstitute)

Until I was 35, I had a rational, scientific view of the world due to my upbringing, education and profession (mathematics and sports) a rational-scientific world view.

A severe eye injury in my middle years opened my "aura vision" and let me go new ways: Intuitive perception and emotions became more important to me than head and mind. I learned to see with the "third eye" - the eye of the heart - which gave me insights and insights into a deeper reality. 

In addition, fairy tales have fascinated me since my childhood and taught me as a matter of course to intuitively grasp the deep symbolism of their images.

This ability supports my work in that I incorporate my immediate understanding of fairy tale symbolism into the meaningful interpretation of the auric images presented to me.

A valuable source of inspiration and mentor for my further development became my wonderful husband Manfred. Together, after years of tireless psychotherapeutic-spiritual training, self-reflection and constant consciousness-raising, we founded our institute for AURA-ENERGETICS.