Aura energetics

Book and maps:

"TALKS - Cosmic Mirror of Life".

72 oracle cards

show "condensed" figures and scenarios with their symbolic power. In the 272-page equally colorful accompanying book contains their interpretations, each with brief content, a core message and a detailed commentary.

In this comprehensive work, the wisdom of over 25 years of intensive aura reading experience is concentrated. Since the pictures, which vibrate in our aura and our dreams, speak the same symbolic language as the fairy tale pictures, book & cards make possible - on the one hand over evenly this picture language of the soul - to illuminate critical life situations comprehensively and to turn to the good. On the other hand, the accompanying book can also be understood as a "textbook" for symbol interpretation. The set has also proven itself as a working aid for therapists.

The richness of the work and the beauty of the illustrations also make it a valuable gift.
The book: "Fairy Tales - Cosmic Mirror of Life"
With a foreword by Bert Hellinger, 272 pages; ISBN:987-3-200-06917-6 € 28,90
Plus the 72 oracle cards;
ISBN:987-3-200-06918-3 € 27,90

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